Where thriving communities begin

Our Thriving Communities strategy sets out our ambitious goals to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of our residents through an asset-based community development approach.

Delivering social impact alongside quality affordable housing has been an important part of our mission since we were formed.

Our core themes

Community Action

Building strength in our communities is fundamental to making our homes great places to live. We adopt an asset-based community development approach to work alongside the community to achieve their goals.

Money and Digital

Money matters and getting online are essential for wellbeing and being able to maximise life opportunities. We’re committed to providing all our customers with the digital skills they need to make the most of the online world. 

We also work with specialist partners to tackle financial insecurity, focusing on money and debt advice, fuel poverty and budgeting, helping to address the poverty premium many of our residents’ face.

Employment and Training

Working with a range of partners, we create, fund and deliver projects to help residents access employment, skills and training opportunities. Whether it’s looking for work, wanting a better job, a change of career or a business start-up, our team has helped 1,000s of residents to achieve a brighter future.

Find out more with our Head of Employment and Training Erica Watts on the Brouhappy social housing podcast.

The Sovereign #iwill Fund

We’re very excited to launch the Sovereign #iwill Fund, which will invest £450k over the next two years in giving young people a voice in their housing and community future.

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Resident engagement

We put residents at the heart and they have a key role in the way we're run, the services we provide and how we keep a local focus within our neighbourhoods.

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Demonstrating our impact

Measuring our impact

We know that our work has a significant impact on the people that live in our communities. Find out how we measure that impact and the goals we aim to meet.

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Social value

We're maximising social value opportunities through our supply chain, and launching new initiatives to make sure that we look for commitments that really matter.

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Our commitment to ESG

We’re conscious of the need to build more genuinely affordable homes, and in doing so we’re committed to ensuring our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is strong.

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Work with us

Partnering with us

If you're an organisation or business that's interested in working with us to build thriving communities, find out more about our strategy and how to get in touch. 

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Community grants and funding

Discover how we’re investing £3.5m each year in our communities, helping people and their neighbourhoods to flourish.

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Community investment

Discover how we’re investing £3.5m each year in our communities, helping people and their neighbourhoods to flourish.

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