Safety in your home

Keeping you safe in your home is a top priority for us. We want to help you prevent fires and other safety issues in your home, and protect the lives of you and your loved ones.  

As well as the fire safety measures and checks that we’re responsible for, there’s a lot you can do to #GetFireSmart so check out our advice and fire safety videos - including extra information on safety in our taller buildings and in communal areas. 

We also explain more about the importance of gas and electrical safety checks as well as asbestos and water safety (legionella). 

You can find out more about all these safety topics using the links below.  

As some responsibilities and safety services also vary depending on whether you’re a tenant or a shared owner/leaseholder, some information is also split out separately for different customers.  

Safety in your home for tenants

Fire safety information and #GetFireSmart tips and videos for tenants - plus more about the importance of your annual gas safety check. 

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Safety in your home for shared owners or leaseholders

Fire safety information and #GetFireSmart tips and videos for shared owners and leaseholders – plus your responsibilities for gas and electrical checks and getting permission for certain changes. 

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Fire safety in communal areas

More about keeping everyone safe by keeping corridors and escape routes clear: our video of a corridor fire and its effects also shows why this is so important. 

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Fire safety in taller buildings

More information about managing safety in our taller buildings (six storeys or higher) and a fire safety summary for each building, including those looked after by a management company. 

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If asbestos is left undisturbed, it shouldn’t cause any health risk. Find out more about asbestos and the risks, how it’s identified and how we deal with it. 

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Find out more about the legionella bacteria and the form of pneumonia it can cause, plus simple steps you can take to reduce the risk of legionella in the water system of your home. 

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