Advice and guides

What we do is about more than just bricks and mortar. We invest in the communities we work with and care about the people who live in our homes. We want you to be able to live happily there and build a strong and positive future. 

These pages contain everything you need to know about Sovereign’s services and how we, and our partners, can support you with a range of issues.  

We’ve gathered lots of useful advice and information into topic ‘hubs’ to help you find it more easily. 

The hubs include information about repairs, safety in your home, and rent and service charges. 

There are also hubs about how to get help with any concerns (such as anti-social behaviour) or access money, jobs and training support. 

There are also three hubs with information specific to different customers: tenants, market rent tenants, and leaseholders or shared owners. 

New to Sovereign?

Whether it’s your first day, first week or first year in your rented Sovereign home, it can take a little time to realise that we offer much more than just a great place to live.

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Cost of living support

From saving money on your weekly shop to support with debt advice or getting a job, we've brought together sources of support and advice to help you face rising costs.

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Employment and skills

We’ve helped thousands of residents with their work goals and we can help you too: from getting into work to finding better paid work or gaining a qualification. 

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Finding and moving home

Read about all our accommodation options: from rent to shared ownership, plus getting ready for a tenancy and next steps if you’re looking to move or for a swap. 

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Safety in your home

Important information on fire safety (including for our taller buildings) and how to #GetFireSmart, as well as more on key topics like gas, electrical, asbestos and legionella safety. 

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Information on our repairs service plus maintenance guides and videos to help you with the upkeep of your home. There are also some pages specific to different customers.

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Thriving communities

Our core themes within Thriving communities include, community in action, customer engagement, employment and skills, funding and partnerships, financial inclusion, and digital inclusion.

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Going green

Being 'green' doesn’t just help the planet but can have a positive impact on your bank balance too.  Take a look at our hints and tips to help you reduce your impact on the planet. 

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Rent and service charges

Find out about ways to pay your rent, the differences between variable and fixed service charges, and how we calculate estimates and actual costs.

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Help with concerns

Get quickly to the information and links you need on issues like domestic abuse, making a complaint, avoiding scammers, hoarding and anti-social or other difficult behaviour.

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General advice

Information on other topics, such as condensation, damp and mould; home contents insurance; renting a garage and useful links about mental health.

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Information for tenants

Useful articles and links in one place if you rent a home from us through an assured, secure or fixed term tenancy.

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Information for shared owners or leaseholders

In this section we’ve pulled together links to all the main articles and information that you might need if you’re a shared owner or leaseholder.

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Information for market rent customers

Specific useful content and advice if you rent a home from us through market rent.

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