Repairs information

This section has information on our repairs service plus ‘how to’ guides and videos to help you with the upkeep of your home. There are also pages covering cold weather tips (such as how to avoid or defrost frozen pipes), caring for a new lawn and how to avoid or deal with condensation, damp and mould. 

If your heating isn’t working properly and if it’s something simple, you might be able to fix it yourself with the advice on our ‘Troubleshooting your heating’ page – rather than having to wait for an engineer to come to you. 

As some repairs responsibilities and services also vary depending on whether you’re a tenant or a shared owner/leaseholder, some information is split out separately for different customers. Head to these pages if you need more advice on repairs to communal areas or living in a new-build home. 

Our repairs service

Find out what’s classed as an emergency repair, how to get ready for your appointment, how we monitor repairs and what to expect from our operatives and contractors. 

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Maintenance guides

Useful guides and videos on looking after your home, such as how to avoid frozen pipes, unblocking a sink or what to do if your heating’s not working, plus advice on condensation, damp and mould. 

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Repairs for tenants

Find out more about your repair responsibilities; kitchen and bathroom upgrades; what you need to know before making your own improvements; and advice on moving into (and living in) a new-build home. 

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Repairs responsibilities for shared owners or leaseholders

What repairs are Sovereign responsible for and what do you need to maintain yourself? Plus all you need to know about defects if you live in a new-build home. 

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