Working with suppliers

Last year we invested nearly £59m in repairing and maintaining homes and £175m on new properties. So it’s important we can access the best suppliers and achieve good value for money when we need to outsource.

  • Our dynamic purchasing system (DPS) for response and repairs is now up and running and is available through our Delta e-sourcing portal, potential suppliers can find more details here.
  • We’ve also set up an IT resource augmentation DPS through Delta, enabling us to access and on-board contract resources more quickly as we embark on an ambitious program of IT change. More detail is available here.
  • Additionally, if you’d like to be considered as a Sovereign supplierplease register on the Delta portal as this will notify you of any upcoming opportunities.  

Sovereign is proud to partner with a diverse range of suppliers, at both local and national levels  We're committed to conducting our business in a lawful and ethical manner, working clearly and transparently.  This includes the suppliers which we choose to engage with.

You can also read more about our commitment to maximising social value opportunities through our supply chain.

We expect our suppliers to comply with our various codes of conduct which covers:

  • law and jurisdiction
  • equalities, diversity and inclusion
  • health and safety
  • training
  • social value
  • sustainability
  • eligibility and standards
  • the Modern Slavery act. 

Sovereign also expects our suppliers to hold themselves and subcontractors to the standards and practices covered by our standards.

We work with our suppliers to deliver contracts which are robust, fit for purpose and maximise value for money for Sovereign as well as striving to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of our buying and sourcing solutions.

If you are an existing supplier and you need to contact us or would like to enquire about becoming a supplier, please email

How we evaluate 

Supplier selection is based on overall value for money to ensure the most economically advantageous contracts to Sovereign and surety of supply. There are a number of other criteria we evaluate including quality, reliability, safety, service and maintenance.

PCR threshold limits and above

Requirements above the relevant Public Contracts Regulation (PCR) threshold levels - whether renewals or for new requirements - will be taken forward in accordance with the public procurement regulations and best practice.

Where applicable Sovereign must place Notices advertising our tenders. The Notices details the following;

  • Requirements
  • Pre-qualification criteria
  • Procurement timetable

The current thresholds are: 

  • Goods and Service contracts - £189,330
  • Works contracts - £4,733,252 

If you have any other questions or queries and would like to contact the procurement team, please email us at