Building lasting partnerships

We know we cannot do everything alone, so we take the time to build long-term relationships with a range of partners.

We pride ourselves on our strong, open partnerships with national and local government, Homes England, house builders, businesses, investors, community and charitable groups and many more.

These partnerships include: 

The Consortium of Associations in the South East (CASE)

The Consortium of Associations in the South East (CASE) is a research group of ten major housing associations, who together own and manage homes across the South East of England.

Chaired by Matthew Bailes (Chief Executive of Paradigm), the objective of the group is to share thinking on best practice, as well as to prepare and commission research on matters of common interest.

The group’s research, including a report on the impact of welfare reform on housing [pdf/872kb] Opens in new window, also aims to educate decision makers on how national and local policy will affect housing associations and their residents.

The members of CASE are:

  • Optivo
  • L&Q
  • Moat
  • Paradigm
  • Abri
  • Sovereign Housing Association
  • Metropolitan Thames Valley
  • The Guinness Partnership
  • The Hyde Group
  • West Kent Housing Association

Sovereign Development Consortium (SDC)

The Sovereign Development Consortium (SDC) is an alliance of five landlords and housing providers in the south and south west.

Our regional overview and strong relationships with national and local developers, means we can build houses where they are needed most, including both rural and urban schemes. We also tailor our developments to fit in with local requirements, such as local lettings, local labour, supported housing and resident involvement.

Working together we keep procurement costs down, increase efficiencies, bid effectively for funding, and share best practice when building homes.

Since forming in 2004, we’ve exceeded government targets with a focus on:

  • building quality homes faster
  • building more cost-effectively
  • making sure homes are energy efficiency
  • having the right mix of tenures, including rent, shared ownership, and outright sale
  • creating attractive estates with designs that cut crime and traffic, and provide options for housing to be altered or extended for changing family circumstances.

Our members

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We believe close industry relationships are vital to achieve the quality, savings and speed paramount in the current housing climate. Working together, developers can advise on the latest construction techniques, while landlords can provide influence on the supply chain and encourage local labour.

If you would like to find out more about the consortium or Sovereign’s development programme please contact us.

Source Development Partnership

Source Development Partnership is a consortium of developing housing associations across the south and south west.