Rent and service charges

We use the rent and service charges we receive to provide services and carry out improvements to your home and estate. That's why it’s important you keep your payments up to date (and please don’t forget, your rent needs to be paid in advance). 

For more information about your rent and ways to pay, visit this page - which also includes advice about managing your money and dealing with debt.

Service charges cover the costs of maintaining communal areas for your estate and/or block. This page covers things like the difference between variable and fixed service charges and how we calculate estimated and actual service charges.

Please see below for frequently asked questions relating to the annual rent and service charge review.

FAQs - annual rent and service charge review 2024

Paying your rent

Find out about different ways to pay; payment calendars (to see when your rent is due); and more about rent-clear weeks – including why you’re not missing out if you don’t have them. 

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Service charges

Lots of information and links about service charges, estimates and actuals, fixed and variable charges. And what you need to do if charges change and you’re on Housing Benefit or Universal Credit. 

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Money, jobs and training support

All you need to know about Universal Credit; help with money and debt; employment and training support (from looking for a job to better paid work or qualifications) plus help to get online.

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