Customer policies

You can find our customer policies below, in an accessible format. These policies apply to all of our customers who live in properties owned or managed by Sovereign Housing Association Limited and/or Sovereign Living Limited only.

If you live in a home owned or managed by Sovereign Network Homes and its subsidiaries you should refer to the applicable policy on the Network Homes website Opens in new window.


Child safeguarding policy

This policy outlines our approach to preventing and reducing the risk of harm to children and young people who are experiencing, or are at risk from abuse, harm or neglect.

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Compensation policy

The purpose of this policy is to make sure compensation payments are consistent, fair, and proportionate.

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Complaints policy

We are committed to providing our customers with an exemplary service. While we endeavour to be reliable, responsive, respectful, and resourceful, we may not always meet our customer’s expectations.

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Domestic abuse policy

This policy explains what domestic abuse is, what approach we’ll take and how we’ll respond to victim-survivor and perpetrators.

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Insurance policy details

If you’re a third party solicitor enquiring about our insurance policy details and Portal ID

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Privacy policy

The privacy and security of your personal information is extremely important to us. Your contact with us generates records, which is subject to data protection legislation.

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Safeguarding policy

This policy explains what safeguarding is, the types of harm, abuse or neglect and outlines the steps we’ll take to identify and respond to safeguarding concerns. 

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