Regulation and value for money


We’re regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) and follow the principles set out in their Regulatory Framework and Regulating the Standards documents. 

The RSH awarded us the highest ratings possible for both governance (G1) and financial viability (V1) in our most recent In-Depth Assessment (April 2018), which were maintained in the latest stability check (December 2019).

Value for money

We're committed to providing a value for money service, delivering our vision and maximizing the social impact of our resources and investment. It’s important because we want to make sure we can invest in more homes, invest in our existing homes and create quality services for residents, customers and other stakeholders.

We're continuing to challenge ourselves to save money where we can, but also taking the long-term view to invest in being more effective and efficient in the future.

Download Our Approach to Value for Money [pdf/11MB] to find out more.

Annual report

Each year we publish an annual report which, as well as our financial performance, sets out how we’re getting on in providing a value for money service for our residents and partners.