How we can support your community

Building strength in our communities is fundamental to making our homes great places to live. Our team of Community Investment and Partnership Leads work with key partner organisations and customers to co-create programmes that create equality,  improve quality of life and enhance wellbeing. 

Our work is centered around six core themes:

  • Customer Voice – Empowering customers to share their voice and influence, take action and make a difference
  • Ageing Well - Investing in creating age-friendly communities, tackling inequalities and  responding to the individual needs of customers to support great quality life.
  • Youth Initiatives- Supporting youth aspirations and transitions through impactful learning, development and play opportunities
  • Environment and Place- Working with our communities to create lasting improvements for a greener and safer future.
  • Health and Wellbeing- Creating programmes that enhance health and wellbeing and improve the quality of our customers lives
  • Social Inclusion- Supporting community connectedness and reducing social isolation to bring our communities together and feel a real sense of belonging

If you’ve got an idea for a programme activity or event that could benefit our customers and community, we can provide the space and support to bring your idea to life.

Likewise, you can get involved in activities and services delivered by our partners.

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Move On and Thrive Fund

Young people on the Isle of Wight are finding it difficult to maintain a tenancy as the cost of living is rising, that’s why we’re launching The Move On and Thrive Fund, with The Blagrave Trust.

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The SNG #iwill Fund

The SNG #iwill Fund Programmes are investing £1.5 million in creating opportunities for youth social action and a platform for youth voice.

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