Care alarms

What is a care alarm?

A care alarm is a service that allows you to get help in an emergency:

  • within your home or garden;
  • at any time of day or night; and
  • every day of the year.

How does it work?

The alarm has its own internal SIM card that works the same way as a mobile phone, so you will no longer need to have a landline if you want to have an alarm. If you press your pendant, the alarm will place a call to our care centre and an operative can talk to you through the alarm. Each alarm unit has a sensitive microphone and speaker built into it.

If you do need to use the alarm to call for help, all you need to do is press the pendant (alarm trigger) or the red button on the unit itself. This will immediately send your call through to us. Our fully trained operators will be able to quickly contact your friends, relatives or the emergency services, depending on your need. False alarms sometimes happen, but our operators are used to this and will treat all these calls as a test call.

What areas are covered?

The areas we cover for the private alarm service supply are East Reading, West Berkshire, Basingstoke, Christchurch and Southampton.

How much will it cost?

We will install the equipment and connect your home to the care centre for a small fee each week. You can also buy or hire extra pendants. Please read about our services and charges.

Who needs a care alarm?

Anyone of any age can use a care alarm, especially if you live alone, feel vulnerable, are disabled or have been the victim of crime. You may want an alarm just so you know that you could get help if you could not reach your phone.

How is the care alarm installed?

All you need is an electrical socket; the equipment can be fitted easily by simply plugging it in, then pressing the pendant to test it.