53 weeks – paying your rent in 2024-25

There are normally 52 weeks in a year, and we charge customers on a weekly basis to cover this period. Rent weeks always start on a Monday. 

But every five or six years, the days of the week fall so there are 53 Mondays - and therefore 53 ‘rent weeks’ - in a year. The next time this will happen is the financial year from Monday 1 April 2024 to Sunday 6 April 2025. 

What does the 53 week financial year mean for me? 

There will be an extra week of rent to pay if you are on a weekly tenancy agreement or licence.  

Calculating your extra payment depends on any benefits you receive, how you pay your rent and how often you make payments. 

To make it easier to work out what the 53 week year means for you, go to the section below that describes how your rent is paid, click to answer the brief questions in the form and receive instant personalised guidance on what to do next. 

How is your rent paid?

If you are concerned about the 53 week year and your finances, or you have any questions, you can speak to one of our Customer Accounts team by calling 0300 5000 926 between 8am and 4.30pm weekdays, or email contact@sovereign.org.uk