Renting a garage

We have garages to rent in Dorset, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, West Berkshire and the Isle of Wight.

Anyone can apply to rent a garage from us – not just residents.  You’ll need to be 18 or over and, if you do rent a home with us, you’ll need to have a clear rent account.

If you need storage space or parking, renting a garage could be a good alternative to self storage or on street parking. We can't guarantee that our garages will be watertight though, so please bear this in mind.

Where are our garages?

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How we allocate garages

Our garages are often in high demand, so if you make an application, you may be added to a waiting list. But if we have garages available, we’ll let you know.

Please keep in mind that we will not hold anyone on our waiting list for more than six months. So if you’ve not heard from us in this time you’ll need to reapply if you still want a garage. 

If we offer you a garage, you’ll be expected to sign a licence agreement and will need to pay for your garage in advance each month, by direct debit.

Business users

Applications for garages for business use need be made in the business name and address. 

How to apply

Complete garage form (opens in new window) Opens in new window

Terminating your garage licence

You’ll need to give us at least one week's notice, in writing, that you’d like to terminate your garage licence. Please make sure that all of your belongings  are removed from the garage so that it is clear (and if possible, send us a photo of the empty garage). You’ll then need to return the keys to the nearest office.

Greenham Hub - Newbury

Ryde depot - IOW Opens in new window

Spectrum House - Christchurch Opens in new window

Signpost House - Blandford Opens in new window

If you do not clear your garage, or return your keys to us, you may be charged for the clearance or replacement of the locks.

For Sovereign customers (housing tenants or leaseholders) prices range from £11.34  to £14.27 per week (dependent on location). There is no VAT charge for the first garage, but VAT will be applied to subsequent garages. For all other new and existing garage customers, VAT will be added to the weekly charge.