Paying your rent

Rent-clear weeks

As we’ve had different tenancy agreements historically, you may be on a 48, 50, 52 weekly or monthly tenancy. If you have a 48 or 50 weekly tenancy, you have some ‘rent-clear’ weeks in the year, but paying during these as well can be a great way to reduce your arrears or build up some rent in advance.

If you have a 52 weekly or monthly tenancy, don’t worry that you’re missing out. The annual amount you pay will be equivalent: it just means you’ll already be paying less each week (or month) over the year. 

More about rent and service charges

We use the rent and service charges we receive to provide services and carry out improvements to your home and estate. That's why it’s important you keep your payments up to date.

Please don’t forget, your rent needs to be paid in advance. This means you should be paying your rent at the start of each week you’re in your home, not the end.

Rent-clear weeks for 2022-23

  • 48 week tenancy - 19/12/2022, 26/12/2022, 20/03/2023 and 27/03/2023
  • 50 week tenancy - 19/12/2022 and 26/12/2022

Not paying in advance yet, or struggling to pay your rent? Please contact us as soon as possible. We can set up a plan and give you advice if you’re worried about your rent. 

There is also lots of advice about managing your money and dealing with debt.

If you want help getting to grips with your finance, download our free Managing your money guide

How can I pay my rent and service charge?

You can pay securely online through MySovereign.

  • If you'd like to set up a Direct Debit, please contact us and we'll help you to do this. Please remember that if you pay monthly by Direct Debit and your tenancy ends part way through the year, there may still be a balance left for you to pay.
  • You can pay using your credit or debit card, any time of day or night, by calling our automated payment line on 0845 6000 153.  You'll need your payment pin for this. Calls from mobiles will be charged at your network rate. Please note, we do not accept cheques for rent and service charges.
  • We can also talk you through other ways to pay if you're not sure what's best for you, so please give us a call if you need help.
  • Please note that it may take up to three working days for payments to show on your rent account.