Living in a new-build home

Congratulations on your brand new rented home. Living in a newly built home is exciting but there are a few important things you need to remember, particularly in the first year.

Your tenancy agreement

There might be some restrictive ‘covenants’ (rules) on a new estate, including rules about satellite dishes or when you can put your bins out. Your Housing Officer will make you aware if there are any of these at your sign up.


Please don’t decorate for at least the first 12 months. This helps your home to dry out and makes it easier for us to check for any movement at the end of defects period.

Repairs and maintenance

Please tell us about any defects (repairs needed) and we’ll send the information to the developer - they’re responsible for fixing defects for the first 12 months you’re in your home.  We’ll let you know when we expect the repair to be done – however, some repairs may not happen until the end of the first year. 

We’ll need to come out at the end of the first year to check the condition of your home and agree with the developer if any defects need to be fixed.  We’ll write to you and tell you when we’ll be coming.  Please keep a list of any defects you think need to be sorted as this will really help us.

  • Developers often build our homes to the same standards as their own.  This means that sometimes, if we need to replace something like a tap or internal door, we don’t replace it with the exact same item.
  • If you have a garden, you’re responsible for looking after the lawn. This will need special care for the first few months and then regular maintenance to keep it healthy.