Health and safety on a new-build site

Inside your home

Building sites create dust and dirt. This means you may find yourself running the hoover around a bit more often than usually needed. If you’re finding it a problem try to keep your windows closed when possible, as this may reduce the amount of dust that can get in.

All homes need some repairs from time to time, so if you find anything please let us know and we’ll speak to the developer.

Outside your home

As permanent street lighting may not yet be installed around the new site, we’d usually ask for temporary lighting to be provided. You may still find some areas aren’t well lit and extra care may need to be taken around these parts.

Usually street signs will be in place before you move into your new home but this isn’t always the case. If you’re having visitors or anything delivered we recommend you give them more detailed directions to help them from getting lost, as most sat-navs won’t find your postcode yet. Find out more about what3words Opens in new windowwhich makes it easy to find, share and save precise locations.

Travelling around the site

Whether you’re driving, walking or cycling, there are a few different things to look out for and bear in mind:

  • Large vehicles and machines may be moving around the site,
  • Roads may still be uneven so look out for trip hazards,
  • Roads will still be changing so follow signs and traffic management arrangements.

Your responsibilities:

  • Don’t enter construction areas of the development and make sure family, pets and visitors keep out too,
  • Make sure pets are kept under control,
  • Park in designated areas and don’t block roads.

The developer’s responsibilities:

  • To keep building works between the times outlined in the planning conditions (this would usually be 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm on Saturday),
  • To make sure that, with the increased number of vehicles in the area, construction workers don’t park in resident spaces,
  • To make sure residents have safe access to their homes by foot and car.

Our responsibilities:

  • If you report a repair, we’ll deal with the developer on your behalf,
  • We’ll make sure any health and safety concerns are raised with the developer.

Reporting repairs

If you need to report a repair or get in touch with us, contact us on 0300 5000 926.

Other things to know

You may find on a new development that there’s a lack of provisions. Often these services lag behind the development but in time you’ll see things like play parks, schools and footpaths popping up, depending on where you live.

You may also find there aren’t any community groups for you to benefit from but if you’d like to set up a group we may be able to help you Opens in new window.