Aftercare in your new-build home

Your new home may have a few issues, minor or major, and this guide should help you decide which need attention, and which might not.

New homes are known for needing time to ‘breathe’ or ‘settle’, and things like hairline cracks are common, but more serious faults with the build or quality of your home are referred to as defects.

What can you do to help your home ‘settle’?

Some of the minor issues that occur in your home will be down to the fact that your house is still drying out. There is moisture in the walls and materials of all new build homes, and that gradually needs to dry out. Make sure you keep your house well ventilated and consistently heated to help it along this process.

As it dries out, parts of the house, will ‘settle,’ for example, you might see cracks around architrave or doors and windows might become harder to open. Don’t worry, this is normal.


Read our FAQs below to find out more about defects.