What is an emergency repair?

We provide a 24/7 repairs service. So, if you need an emergency repair we'll usually attend the same day, but always within 24 hours.

The repairs we’re responsible for will vary, depending on whether you have an assured, secure or fixed term tenancy with us or you’re a shared owner or leaseholder.


If you’re a tenant, the following are considered emergencies:

  • Gas leak.
  • Hot water failure and no back up, such as an immersion heater
  • Heating failure in the winter months (taken as 14 October-14 March)
  • Complete loss of power (unless it’s due to a power cut)
  • No working toilet.
  • Severe flooding, water running into electrics or a major roof leak that's causing internal damage.
  • Your home isn't secure and you’re worried for your safety, if there's a problem with the main door entry system in a supported housing scheme, or if the police have asked us to attend for another reason.
  • Lift breakdown – we'll prioritise breakdowns in schemes for older people, or where someone's trapped and the fire brigade are called to assist.
  • Any other incident that could seriously damage your health (such as if there's a risk to life) or the fabric of the property.

Your individual needs may mean other exceptional circumstances might also be an emergency, so we'll consider this when you contact us about your repair.

We’ll either complete emergency work immediately, or make your home safe, and return to complete the job at a time that suits you.