Working together to build better futures

We have a successful track record of working in partnership as an active landlord across the south of England.

Our partnership approach has been adopted and implemented in line with our Corporate Plan, and it’s our intention to continue to expand our service and increase the impact we can have in our communities. To deliver our Thriving Communities strategy we can do so much more in partnership than we can on our own and we want to work with others.

We believe in strong place-based partnerships and want to work with other housing associations, charities and community partners, the public sector, businesses and others around our three core themes: community development, employment and training and money and digital.

If you’re interested in working with us, please contact one of our heads of service:

Head of Business Development and Fundraising, Andrew Cooper. Email:
Head of Communities, Michelle Smith. Email:
Head of Employment and Training, Erica Watts. Email:

Our latest partnerships

Giving young people a voice on housing issues

Nine young people living in homes owned or managed by Sovereign have started a new 'Youth Panel' forum.

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Project helps potential customers get tenancy ready

Yellow Brick Road partnership helps potential customers to get tenancy ready with tips and advice.

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Bristol partnership supports homeless people

A project led by the Mayor of Bristol helps 100 people into decent accommodation within 100 days.

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