How we'll build the future

We want to be the leading landlord in the south of England, providing our customers good affordable homes in thriving and sustainable communities.

We want to provide customers with homes and communities where they can thrive. But while a safe and solid home is vital, our mission does not end there. For our customers to live their best lives, they need to know that we will maintain their home and respond to requests quickly, getting repairs right first time. And they want us to invest in local communities, creating great shared spaces and enabling them to take pride in their neighbourhoods.

In our 2019 Corporate Plan we pledged that our customers would be at the heart of all we do, today and tomorrow. Our 2021 plan renews that pledge: our core offer to them, a good home in a great place to live.

The 2019 Corporate Plan also described three strategic building blocks, built around how we think about our customers, the development programme that we need to build more homes and maintain our stock, and the services that enable us to deliver as a business. Those three strategic pillars do not sit apart, operating to different objectives. Rather, through our transformation programme we are bringing them together, to put everything that we do at the service of our customers.

Our new Corporate Plan sets out how we will deliver on our ambitions over the next five years. Building on the 2019 Corporate Plan, we are committing to improving customer service, building thousands more homes and reshaping Sovereign to do that.

(You can also find our previous 2019 Corporate Plan on our Publications page.)

Our three strategic building blocks

Quality services, more opportunity

Residents will remain at the heart of what we do, today and tomorrow. We want the high quality of our current homes, together with excellent services that meet our residents’ needs and expectations.

More homes, better places

We want to meet the needs of our future residents by continuing to grow – delivering more new, high-quality affordable housing, supported by market development where it makes sense.

Strong foundations, more choice

Our ability to offer the homes and services our residents need and deserve, and to build more for the future, is underpinned by our strength as an organisation.