Our fire safety responsibilities

The safety of our residents is a top priority for us and we are committed to going above and beyond when it comes to fire safety in our buildings.

For our tenants this includes providing smoke alarms as well as checking and servicing gas, oil and solid fuel appliances in annual safety checks and completing regular inspections of electrical systems. (Home owners and leaseholders are responsible for gas, oil and solid fuel appliance and electrical  tests within their own home but we’re responsible for communal installations.)

In our blocks of flats and similar sites, we make sure that fire risk assessments (FRAs) are up-to-date, there are appropriate smoke detectors and fire alarms, fire doors and other fire safety measures. We also regularly review any fire risks and the procedures for preventing and reporting fires.

We are undertaking a thorough review of all our blocks to determine which ones fall into scope of needing an EWS1 form in line with the current Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) guidance. See answers to frequently asked questions about EWS1 here. 

Taller buildings 

Managing the fire safety for our taller buildings is obviously a key focus. We own or manage six buildings of ten storeys or above and another 28 which are six to nine storeys tall. We’ve carried out detailed surveys all of these that we own and none have High Pressurised Laminate (HPL) or Alumimum Composite Material (ACM) cladding. 

Summary fire safety information is available for all our taller buildings (split by those we look after directly and those looked after by a management company).

Sovereign responsible for fire risk assessment

Please click on the building name to view the fire safety summary.

Management company responsible for fire risk assessment

Please click on the building name to view the fire safety summary.

Request the fire risk assessment for your building

Primary Authority scheme 

We’re also part of the national Primary Authority scheme. This means we have a legal partnership with one fire authority (Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service) to give us advice we can apply to how we manage fire safety for all our homes.

We also work closely with other local fire authorities (particularly where we have taller blocks, schemes for older people or supported housing) so they’re aware of our fire safety arrangements for the buildings in their area.