Scrutiny Coordination Group (SCG)

The main role for this group is to embed and make scrutiny a valued tool for monitoring, managing and developing our services.

The eight resident volunteers meet around six times a year to plan a rolling programme to scrutinise our services, then look at what the results show.

Read more about the key learning from the SCG's pilot scrutiny. 


The main objectives of the group are to:

  • Develop and establish a framework for our resident scrutiny.
  • Develop the role of scrutineers, including recruitment, training/personal development, support packages and succession.
  • Agree an 18-month scheduled rolling scrutiny programme that makes linkages across services.
  • Manage the scrutiny budget agreed with the Board and agree the budget/resource for each agreed scrutiny.
  • Agree the criteria and scope of each scrutiny, including who’s involved, making sure there’s consistency and appreciating that differing approaches may be necessary to meet local circumstances.
  • Analyse findings and recommendations from each scrutiny.
  • Ensure follow-through of recommendations from all scrutinies and follow up if recommendations aren't being delivered or fully implemented.
  • Regularly report progress and outcomes from the scrutiny programme to the Board and the Partnership.
  • Look at other businesses to identify good practice in scrutiny reviews.
  • Regularly communicate the outcomes and impact of scrutiny to other residents, through various communication channels.


Our Scrutiny Coordination Group members

  • Danny Lynch
  • Denise Cox
  • Emma Rickard
  • Geoff Watkins
  • Patricia Colmer (Chair)
  • Paula Grebot (Vice Chair)
  • Sheila Hayward
  • Attendee - Jennifer Dykes (Resident Board member)