Scrutiny Coordination Group (SCG)

Our Scrutiny Coordination Group (SCG) is made up of resident volunteers who embed and make scrutiny a valued tool for monitoring, managing and developing our services.

The group plans a rolling programme to scrutinise our services, then recommends ways we can evolve our offer to customers.

The SCG meets six times a year to:

  • Develop and establish a framework for our resident scrutiny.
  • Develop the role of scrutineers, including recruitment, training/personal development, support packages and succession.
  • Agree an 18-month scheduled rolling scrutiny programme that makes linkages across services.
  • Manage the scrutiny budget agreed with the Board and agree the budget/resource for each agreed scrutiny.
  • Agree the criteria and scope of each scrutiny, including who’s involved, making sure there’s consistency and appreciating that differing approaches may be necessary to meet local circumstances.
  • Analyse findings and recommendations from each scrutiny.
  • Ensure follow-through of recommendations from all scrutinies and follow up if recommendations aren't being delivered or fully implemented.
  • Regularly report progress and outcomes from the scrutiny programme to the Board and Resident and Board Partnership.
  • Look at other businesses to identify good practice in scrutiny reviews.
  • Regularly communicate the outcomes and impact of scrutiny to other residents, through various communication channel

The SCG has carried out scrutinies across many of our service areas – read about their latest findings.