Resident and Board Partnership

Resident and Board Partnership

Joyce Ward

Joyce is a resident and Chair of Sovereign’s new Resident and Board Partnership – a key part of how the organisation operates.

Joyce's blog

Here she talks about some items on the group’s latest agenda and how residents are helping to influence what Sovereign does.

This group is made up of eleven residents who are volunteers and meet around six times a year to help influence our strategy, policies and service standards, as well as monitor the quality and performance of our services.


The Partnership works with the Board to:


  • Contribute to the development of our strategy and direction.
  • Contribute to the development of resident-facing policies and initiatives, offering a resident perspective and making recommendations to the Board.
  • Recommend the performance indicators and targets for key landlord services.
  • Identify trends in performance, tracking issues and monitoring improvement plans.
  • Agree service standards and monitor service delivery taking into account resident feedback.
  • Request a scrutiny review where performance or feedback suggests further investigation. Review and support the delivery of agreed actions.
  • Identify and review key risks for regulation, residents and to the sustaining of tenancies.
  • Develop and sponsor an ongoing training and capacity building programme, within agreed budgets, for residents who wish to engage with us.
  • Sponsor an annual event for all of our engaged residents.
  • Promote, collaborate and communicate the work of the Partnership to the wider resident group through a range of communication channels.


 Our Resident and Board Partnership members

  • Chair - Joyce Ward
  • Andrew Adams
  • Andy Johnson
  • Dave Munnik
  • Francesca Best
  • Ian Capon
  • Jenny Mennella (Vice-Chair)
  • Judith Colby
  • Patricia Heslop
  • Rez Aminnia
  • Simon Benjamin
  • Attendee - Christine Turner (Board Member)