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Our latest scrutiny: Investigating satisfaction with our repairs service 

We started our investigation into our repairs service in March.

We're looking at what customers like and dislike about how Sovereign does repairs, starting by analysing the feedback we collect regularly about customer satisfaction with the service. 

Later in the year, we'll investigate whether Sovereign's taking into account the needs and expectations of customers and asking if these have changed, post-COVID.

Scrutiny Coordination Group

We think the best people to look into our services and suggest improvements are the people who live in our homes. We call this process ‘Scrutiny’ and have set up a group of residents called the Scrutiny Coordination Group.

  • Paula Grebot (Chair)
  • Louise Turner
  • Denise Cox
  • Danny Lynch
  • Raymond Grenville-Webb
  • Cailin Harris
  • Ebony Taylorson
  • Jafer Mammoo
  • Kelly Long

The group decides which service areas to review and then supports other volunteer residents to carry out the scrutiny work.

The volunteers investigate what’s going well with the service and what needs to be improved and make recommendations.

We’re always looking for volunteers to help improve our services. It can involve interviewing managers, discussing our performance figures and even going out on site with our Repairs Team.

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