Help and support, when you need it

The Joshua Tree

The Joshua Tree is a made up of three blocks of purpose built, one and two bedroom flats for homeless families. It also includes a communal area which is used by the families and their children.

The Joshua Tree is located in Worthing Road, Basingstoke, close to the city centre and is surrounded by business and residential properties. It is close to the Barchester-Ashcombe residential care home. Access is via Lawrencedale Court to the main car park.

Case study - Robert

Robert moved into the Joshua Tree, which provides supported housing and temporary accommodation in Basingstoke, along with his girlfriend and baby boy after paying for private rented property got too difficult to manage. 

Robert had already agreed to an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) to try and pay off existing debts and was working hard as a bus driver to bring home money to look after his young family. 

The pair lived for some time in emergency shared accommodation before moving to The Joshua Tree, where they had their own apartment. Unfortunately, after just a few months, the couple separated. After Robert’s girlfriend moved out, he continued to take care of his son.

Changes to his benefits and the shift to Universal Credit saw Robert floundering again – but, along with some guidance from Sovereign’s Housing Coordinators, he was able to keep things afloat. 

Robert called on family and friends to help with childcare, keen to keep working to pay off his debts, and to try and forge a more secure future for himself and his little boy.

Now, six months later, Robert is moving into his own place, a brand new two-bed house, managed by a different housing association, where he’ll be paying a social rent. He’s already looking to the future, checking out nurseries and schools in the area. 

He said: “Supported housing gave me and my son a safe, secure place to live while I went through some pretty tough emotional and financial issues.”