A place to stay for those who need it

Supported housing and homeless services 

Whether it’s providing homes for those with additional care or support needs or those currently homeless or at risk of homelessness, providing a welcoming, safe and secure place to live is at the heart of the services we offer.

We’ve developed a successful model based on a multi-agency approach to deliver a number of professional services. Working with local authority partners and specialist providers is key to meeting the individual needs of those who we support.

We provide a variety of accommodation for people who need specialist support.  This includes people with mental health needs, learning disabilities, young people, people fleeing domestic abuse or older people in need of extra care.  The support ranges from 24-hour support to occasional support, and everything in between. 

Our aim is to provide a high standard of housing to allow every resident to achieve the care and support they need.  This may be in shared houses with other residents with similar needs, cluster accommodation or self-contained dispersed flats. We work with our partners to assess the needs of prospective residents and delivery a tailored person-centred service.

As a member of Homes for Cathy and Homeless Link we’re committed to working together to end homelessness.

Psychologically informed approach

We adopt a psychologically informed approach, and this means we simply follow four key principles:


By understanding our customers and their unique needs, we aim to ensure that they feel safe in our services. This is not just about the quality of the environment we provide but about how we work with customers, being credible in our service offer and building trust.

Opportunities to rebuild control

We understand that people accessing our services may have come from complicated or traumatic backgrounds and sometimes have had very little say in what has happened to them and when. We listen carefully and support choice and control. We seek feedback and guidance through a range of forums so that we know people can be in the space they need to begin rebuilding the future that they want for themselves.

Strengths based practice

We use people’s assets and positives as our starting point, rather than getting caught up things that haven’t gone well in the past. We’re really focused on advantage and asset based thinking so that we can recognise the potential in people and help them achieve the outcomes that they’re seeking.


We’re committed to investing in our accommodation to ensure the environment supports our approach.

Our supported housing colleagues are all trained to understand and practice with an awareness of trauma.