This week is Scrutiny Week

We’re shining a spotlight on the people who shine a spotlight on us! 

Our fabulous team of 23 scrutineers work closely with our Resident Board Partnership and our Scrutiny Coordination Group to really delve into the processes and procedures that we follow at Sovereign.

Last year, the group gave 300 hours of their own time to talk with our residents both online and face to face about how we’re doing. They conducted three extremely thorough scrutinies – on lettings, repeat repairs and why people choose to turn down upgrades to their kitchens and bathrooms, coming up with action plans for improvements to our business practices for each one.

Even during Covid-19 the group remained active and they’ve just begun their next scrutiny – on ASB and the problems that disruptive neighbours can cause for people and places.

Ultimately we want to improve the quality of our homes, and quality of life for our residents, making our neighbourhoods places people are proud to live. Our resident scrutineers provide a down-to-earth, real world view of the way that we work, reminding us of what should come first.

To find out more about our scrutineers, watch scrutineer Danny Lynch chatting with Regional Director Helen Hann about what they both enjoy about scrutiny's and how it has helped them both see Sovereign in a different light.

Or read more in a blog from Scrutiny Coordination Group member, Sheila Hayward, on how her childhood experiences helped her find her voice and stand up for what she believes in. Opens in new window