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Children across Bristol will receive 250 free books to help with home reading thanks to Sovereign Housing Association. 

The books, worth £1,000 - purchased by the Hannah More Primary School after successfully applying for funding from The Good Exchange - are being distributed to primary age children across some of Bristol’s neighbourhoods, both straight to homes and via local foodbanks.

While many schools were empty during the period of lockdown, teachers were busy making weekly contact with their pupils by phone, getting a good sense of the books that would appeal to their pupils and support their learning. 

Daisy Mummery, Community Development Officer, Sovereign said: “You can never have too many books and this project means we have been supporting children from all year groups with their home learning, giving them a head start for when schools return.

“It's great that we’ve been able to fund this initiative through the Good Exchange - as it makes other givers aware of the help they can offer too.”

The books supplied were compiled for the school by acclaimed Founder and Director of Just Imagine and Associate Consultant at University College London’s Institute of Education, Nikki Gamble.

Hannah More Primary School Community Development Co-ordinator, Ruth Cochrane said: “Families who do not have books at home are missing out hugely on reading opportunities whilst schools are closed, so to be able to buy these books and help maintain children’s interest in learning during school closures, has been absolutely amazing.

“As schools plan for returning part-time children will continue to use the books to encourage reading at home as a follow-on from school learning. Thank you so much for your support.”