Building Skills with NHS Test and Trace

Our resident Tanja had a part-time job already, but came to us for support during lockdown, as she was looking for better work. Her excellent admin skills meant that she was ready to go, and she was also keen to work from home, so our Employment and Training Officer Lynn set her up with details for a temporary position with NHS Test and Trace – and a few weeks later she’d started her new job.

Tanja said: “My background is in administration and finance, though I’ve not had a straightforward career path. I really enjoy going new places and I’ve been round the world several times, working in hospitality and the travel industry.

“Now my life has changed slightly as I’ve settled in Plymouth, in a beautiful area and a great property. My five year daughter has just returned to school, so my priorities are different. I need a steady income and a job that can be flexible around her.

“When Lynn sent through the details I saw that the Test and Trace position was perfect for me, but I was let down by my tech – I didn’t have a laptop with the right capabilities. Lynn was brilliant, she accessed an emergency grant for me, buying me a new laptop and four days later I’d started the job.

“Just a month ago I was in a position where financially I really needed help and support - but from that first phone call, Lynn changed my life. It was her encouragement, her taking the time to talk to me, and provide me guidance that set me on the work path I’m taking right now. She inspired me to look deeper at my personal qualities and the goals I’ve achieved over the years and gave me the confidence to progress in my career path.

“The new role gave me more independence, my work life balance has given me better results with managing work, life, finances and my family and the learning aspect has been great. Even though there have been challenges, I have been able to take on projects that I thought were beyond my abilities.

“I fully intend to take the achievements I’ve gained over the last month and look at the wider industry after this pandemic is over, to find a role I could grow a future with. My experience will hopefully take me on to a position I could permanently grow in, as I would like to become even more stable, supporting my daughter and myself – and being an asset to the company I work for.

“Sovereign gave me the opportunity to adapt qualities I didn’t feel I had. Lynn has gone above and beyond to support, help and encourage me throughout my career path the last months and especially during this pandemic it has helped me immensely.”

 For support in changing career or following up employment aims contact / 01173 172488.