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Maximising success in the jobs market

Alex, a Sovereign Housing resident, was finishing off his master’s degree in urban planning and was looking for a temporary job for nine months, after which he could then apply for a job as an urban planning graduate.

He had struggled to break into either of the sectors that he was interested in (Housing and Planning), despite having some experience on the Sovereign Youth Panel – where young sovereign residents voice their opinions on everything from fire safety information and virtual assistants for repairs, to quality housing and affordable childcare.

He came to the Employment and Training team because he needed advice and support on how to maximise his chances of success within the current job market, and how to make the best of his skills and experience.

How Helen helped

While working with his Employment and Training Officer Helen, Alex was given advice on job searching and CV writing. The CV writing was particularly helpful, as it allowed him to translate knowledge and experience into a concise and eye-catching CV.

Alex was given much support and encouragement, as well as plenty of practical advice, on the best way to stand out within the job market.

Working with the Employment and Training team has helped him gain a lot of confidence and self-belief, that he can achieve his desired career goals and aim high in the future.

As a result of these meetings and interventions, Alex was able to secure a role in Housing at a county council; and then five months later he obtained a graduate position as a Graduate Planner at a real estate agents.

He applied for the Work Grant, which enabled him to purchase new and appropriate clothing, helping him feel comfortable and confident in his new place of work.

To find out more about what grants the Employment and Training service provides, please have a look at www.sovereign.org.uk/advice-and-guides/support/jobs-and-training

Or email the team at EmploymentAndTraining@sovereign.org.uk

“Helen helped to give me the confidence and knowledge to stand out in a challenging job market, and now I feel able to push myself further than I thought possible. I think it’s incredible that I was supported so completely. I think there are many residents who would massively benefit from the service.” – Alex

Where is Alex headed now?

The next step for Alex is to complete the Assessment of Professional Competence and become a Chartered Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute.

Alex is still engaged with the Employment and Training service and is having regular meetings with Helen whilst he settles into his new job role.

If you would like any help in accessing employment, training or starting up your own business, contact the Employment and Training team at: