Dandelion in garden

Covid-19 memorial garden

We’ve supported a new commemorative garden at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

The garden, which was unveiled on 21 April by Princess Anne, will remember those who died from Covid-19 and the NHS staff who worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic.

The garden replaces unused land outside of our key worker homes and features a sunken seating area, pergola, raised beds and is based on the theme of a woodland glade.

In the centre of the garden is a wire dandelion sculpture, handmade by local artists Sadie Kitchen and Jackie Lantelli.

There are hundreds of wire dandelions - each flower represents the life of someone who passed away or appreciation for NHS staff.

Daisy Mummery, Sovereign’s Community Development Officer, said: “Green spaces are more important than ever before, and I’m delighted Sovereign has been able to support this commemorative garden, which will be a legacy for many years to come.” 

Karen Organ, Senior Fundraiser at Cheltenham and Gloucester Hospitals Charity, said: "We would like to say a huge thank you to Sovereign -

The area is being transformed into a calm and tranquil space where staff, patients and visitors can take time away from hospital ward environments.”