The heat is on for new ceramics class

24 July 2019 

Residents have been turning up the heat at Newbury College as they learn new skills in ceramics. 

It takes time and effort to learn the basic skills to become an accomplished potter from choosing your clay, kneading it, shaping your item and eventually firing it in the kiln before glazing. But these are skills a small group of residents from across the community have been learning and using to make various individual personalised items to take home with them after the course.

The 10-week course in ceramics is part of an initiative being run by Newbury College to reach out to older people in the community and encourage them to have fun while making new friends and doing something creative. 

Sovereign Housing Association is supporting the course, which as well as bringing people together from all over the community, is helping to prevent isolation. 

Tracey Scutter, Wellbeing Officer, Sovereign Housing Association said: “It’s great that we’ve been able to support Newbury College in running this activity. We’ve been doing a lot of work with residents in our housing schemes, creating opportunities for them to get involved with activities in their communities, especially the over 55’s who are at risk of social isolation. This is a great way of making new friendships while learning a new skill and interest.” 

Resident, Angela Green, said: “I have done ceramics before. It’s great to be able to learn new skills and make some lovely new friends while you’re doing it. 

“Everyone who attended the course said they would recommend the course to others, even if they haven’t done anything like it before.”

The course has brought together local Sovereign residents with others from the community, making plaques, decorative house money boxes and lots more under the watchful eye of course tutor, Tanya Reid. She commented:  “It’s been really lovely to see people come in saying, ‘I’m not talented’ and very quickly learn that they are creative - they have fun, make new friends and very often come back for more courses.”