When making experiences, detail matters

At Sovereign we carry out research, whether it is led by our in-house strategy team or delivered in partnership with others, to inform our business decisions, share best practice across the social housing sector and contribute to the debate on local and national policy.

Research in partnership

Universal Credit in a time of crisis

Our Head of Income Laurinda Hornblow contributed to National Housing Federation research into the role that Universal Credit played during the pandemic, an in-depth analysis of the effects of the £20 uplift, and how customers can manage debt, arrears and seeking employment. - April 2021 

Universal Credit in a time of crisis [pdf / 2.46MB]

Rethinking social housing

Produced by the Chartered Institute of Housing, sponsored by Sovereign, Home Group, Incommunities, Optivo, PA Housing, Peabody, Riverside and South Liverpool Homes – June 2018

Rethinking social housing report 26 June 2016 [pdf 1.64MB]

Capping aspiration  

Produced by Sheffield Hallam University, in partnership with CASE – May 2017

Capping aspiration research [pdf / 1.19MB]

A New Settlement Between Government and Independent Housing Associations  

Produced in partnership by Policy Exchange, Genesis Housing Association, Home Group, Orbit Group and The Riverside Group – September 2016

A New Settlement Between Government and Independent Housing Associations [pdf / 534KB]

Working together, thinking alike: what do councils and local enterprise partnerships expect from housing associations?  
Produced in partnership with the Smith Institute - June 2015

Working together - thinking alike [pdf / 962KB]

How can we help you to sustain your tenancy?  
Produced by The Guinness Partnership on behalf of CASE – May 2015

Tenancy sustainment report 2015 [pdf / 944KB]

The impact of welfare reform on housing  

Produced by Moat on behalf of CASE – January 2012

CASE - The impact of welfare reform on housing [pdf / 873KB]

Springboards and safety nets: A new housing offer – fully flexible tenure  

Produced by Altair, Moat, Radian and Sovereign – December 2012

Flexible Tenure [pdf / 947KB]

Our research

We undertook an extensive research programme in 2014 to help reshape Sovereign’s strategy at that time. Our aim was to gain greater insight into our residents and our business, as well to identify the current and future challenges.

Our core research investigated the cost and benefit of our homes and services for our residents, our business and wider society. We also developed a new model, call the living income, to help us understand what types of housing are truly affordable in our different markets.

The cost and value of Sovereign’s housing products

Cost and value of Sovereign's housing product [pdf / 968KB]

How affordable are different housing options in our marketplace?

Housing market affordability research project [pdf / 1.34MB]

Defining the social value of Sovereign’s products

Defining the social value of Sovereign products [pdf / 662KB]

Customers’ needs and aspirations

Customer needs and aspirations [pdf / 1.38MB]

Our residents’ aspirations

Our residents aspirations [pdf / 407KB]

We combined our research and insights from sector experts to develop possible future scenarios, based on different economic and social policy environments. These scenarios allowed us to test our strategy, to ensure our decisions could support residents and the business through challenging times.