Key workers on the Isle of Wight see our accommodation as an ideal choice

When auxiliary nurse Maggie’s marriage broke down, she needed to find a new home, ideally close to St Mary’s hospital where she works.

She came across our Isle of Wight key worker accommodation through a recommendation from her ward sister.  It only takes a few minutes to get to the hospital from there so it was perfect. 

“I‘m very happy to live close to work - it saves me valuable time when I’m getting ready because I can be called in any time at short notice,  and I can then get to my patients more quickly,” she said. 

“I also feel safe here. If I go away, it’s reassuring to know that others are looking after my post (holding it securely in reception) and keeping an eye out.” 

“Being in the NHS, it also helps to live around people who work in the same profession – they understand the demands of the job, such as the sometimes long and unsociable hours and the pressures we can often be under. It’s good to unwind with others who are in a similar boat.” 

Service is also important to Maggie: “I’m happy with the quality of care and the service provided by the accommodation office – Liz, Lesley and William. I’ve always had a good, quick response if I need something to be done or if something’s broken. I’m very happy to live in the hospital accommodation - thank you all for being a wonderful service provider.“ 

It’s a sentiment echoed by colleague Jackie. Jackie works in A&E in a mental health Rapid Assessment, Interface and Discharge (RAID) team, and she has an en-suite room in our key worker accommodation.

She said: “I find the accommodation office staff very helpful at all times, they’re always friendly and attentive. I work a lot of out-of-hours shifts and have never felt unsafe returning home.  I'm happy in my accommodation and it’s been well maintained over the years.”