Going Green

SNG #InBloom competition

We've launched SNG #InBloom - a competition for SNG customers' gardens and green spaces of all sorts. You can find more details of the categories, criteria and prizes here.

The closing date is 31 July 2024 so you've got plenty of time to spruce up your space and send us some amazing photos!

Now more than ever, we need to take care of the world around us and ensure its survival for future generations. 

And with 40% of carbon emissions coming from homes, we have made a commitment to play our part in creating a healthier, greener future - by designing new environmentally friendly homes and reducing the emission of harmful greenhouse gases from existing homes.

Learn about our approach to meeting net zero for our existing homes by watching the animation below:

Read a transcript of the 'Creating homes for a healthier, greener future' animation [pdf, 69KB] Opens in new window

Your home and travel

Taking action to reduce your emissions at home and with travel will make a big difference – to the environment and your bank balance.

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Food, clothes and furniture all play a part in creating significant waste. Check out our suggestions for where to start with cutting back.

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Waste and recycling

Reduce your waste, reuse items and recycle what you can in your area!

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