Repairs for shared owners or leaseholders

Which repairs are Sovereign responsible for and what do you need to maintain yourself if you’re a shared owner or leaseholder? Plus all you need to know about defects if you live in a new-build home.

Repairs responsibilities for shared owners or leaseholders

This page explains what Sovereign is responsible for and what residents need to do themselves, including making us aware of any issues and arranging your own gas and electrical checks. 

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Defects for shared owners or leaseholders

Your new-build home may have some minor or major issues in its first year. This guide explains more, including some of the checks that will have been done before you move in. 

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What is a defect?

Examples of possible defects, and issues that aren’t. This page also tells you how to report a defect, when it will be fixed by the developer and what happens after the end of the defects period. 

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