Repairs responsibilities for shared owners or leaseholders

As a home owner you are responsible for all repairs and day to day maintenance of your home. If you live in a flat, we are responsible for repairs and maintenance to communal areas such as corridors, stairways, communal entrances, TV aerials, lifts, roofs and gutters.

We will carry out the work, but you are responsible for covering the cost, either through your service charge or through a one-off payment.

The table below sets out responsibility for some typical repairs within a block of flats (if you live in a house, you are fully responsible for all repairs and maintenance to the whole of your home).

Type of repairOur 



Stopcocks in your block
or building
Stopcocks in your flatNoYes
Burst of leaking pipes up to
and including the main stopcock
Burst or leaking pipes beyond
the main stopcock
Communal water storage tanksYesNo
Water storage tanks in your flatNoYes
Bath, basin, sink, taps WC, and
waste pipe traps
Clearing a blockage to main soil
stack, rain water pipes and gutters
Windows in shared areasYesNo
Windows in flatsDepends on leaseDepends on lease
Doors to shared areasYesNo
Front door of your flatNoYes
Electricity supply in shared areas
(including internal and external
lighting, rewiring, door entry systems)
Electricity supply inside your flatNoYes
External wallsYesNo
Plaster in shared areasYesNo
Plaster inside your flatNoYes
Decorating shared areasYesNo
Decorating inside your flatNoYes
Maintaining external shared gardens, roads
(if not public highway and parking areas)
Maintaining private gardensNoYes
T.V aerials (shared system)
shared gardens, roads
T.V aerials to your flat only
shared gardens, roads
Building insuranceYesNo
Contents insuranceNoYes