Repairs for tenants

More information about your repairs responsibilities if you’re a tenant; replacing bathrooms and kitchens; what you need to know before making your own home improvements; and advice on moving into (and living in) a new-build home. 

Repairs responsibilities for tenants

This popular page explains what Sovereign is responsible for and what tenants need to look after themselves when it comes to repairs and maintenance. 

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Updating your bathroom

Answers to common questions about how often we upgrade bathrooms, what the process is and what to expect before and during the works. 

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Updating your kitchen

Answers to common questions about how often we upgrade kitchens, the surveyor and design visits, how to prepare and how long the work is likely to take. 

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Making your own improvements

Everything you need to know about minor changes you can make to your home and what bigger ones you need to get permission for. 

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Your new-build home

Advice on checking your tenancy agreement for any covenants, why to avoid decorating, how we assess any defects at the end of the first year and key services such as electricity, gas and water.

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