Anti-social behaviour

We want to make it easy for you to know what to do if you’re facing anti-social behaviour (ASB) or other difficult behaviour.

Some problems count as ASB, others don’t, and some are criminal offences. Because of this, it’s sometimes difficult to know who to speak to for help.

Below, you’ll find tiles with the most common issues people face – when you click on the one that’s relevant to your problem, it will tell you:

  • Whether it’s anti-social behaviour
  • What you can do to help resolve the issue
  • Who you need to speak to (e.g. Sovereign, your local authority, the police)
  • How to report it to us if it is anti-social behaviour

Many of them also include tips on how to reduce noise and speak to your neighbours, as well as what help we can offer (for example, mediation and witness support).

If your issue isn’t included below, please let us know by calling us on 0300 5000 926.

Malicious fire setting and Arson

Malicious fire Setting and Arson is classed as a criminal offence and should be reported to the police, but this page also explains how we can support their work - and you if you’re affected.

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Violence and threats of violence

Advice on what you can do to report violent threats, an assault; gun or knife crime hate crime; or sexual offences. We also explain more about sources of support.

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Dog issues

This page gives advice on dangerous dogs, problems around persistent dog barking or dog fouling, and who to report a problem to. 

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Drug use or dealing

What you can do about drug dealing or use, ‘cuckooing’ (gangs who befriend a vulnerable person and use their home as a base) and ‘county lines’ (criminals exploiting children or vulnerable adults). 

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Fireworks and bonfires

While we don’t class either of these as ASB, find out more about some of the legal rules around both topics and what you can do if you’re concerned. 

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Fly tipping

Fly-tipping is a criminal offence and this page shares a useful link to more information on what it includes, as well as advice on where to report it (depending on who owns the land affected). 

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Graffiti is classed as criminal damage but how it’s dealt with, and who by, will depend on where it’s located and the nature of the graffiti, so this page gives you some useful guidance. 

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Many different noises can cause us discomfort. This section includes advice on general living sounds, loud music, babies crying, children playing, DIY noise and neighbours shouting or arguing. 

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People gathering

How this is dealt with largely depends on the circumstances and whether threats or criminal damage are involved – find out more about what you can do. 

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Social media and cyberbullying

This may count as ASB if someone is being harassed. This page includes some useful advice on what to do at the time, how to raise a concern and how we can support you. 

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Vehicle issues

Our information may help to resolve problems such as abandoned vehicles, obstructive parking, people repairing vehicles or speeding/dangerous driving.  

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Verbal abuse or harassment

Verbal abuse or harassment is a criminal offence. If you are experiencing it, find out how you can report it, as well as the support that our Locality officers can give you.

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