Drug use or dealing

Is it anti-social behaviour (ASB)?

There are four main offences associated with illegal drugs: possessionsupplyproduction and importation.

Drug  possession, dealing (supply), production and importation are criminal offences. Please report it to the police immediately.


Cannabis is commonly used in the UK – national statistics suggest some 31% of adults in the UK have used it at some point in their lives (Statistica.com). We often receive reports about cannabis use in and around our homes and communities. Whilst cannabis use isn’t the easiest issues to deal with, we know it can have an impact on our customers. Our guidance sets out our approach to managing reports about cannabis.

Cuckooing and county lines

You may hear the phrases ‘cuckooing’ or ‘county lines’. These are drug dealing terms. Our Locality officers are using their local knowledge to spot the signs of abuse and exploitation, particularly of drug gangs exploiting vulnerable residents and young people. It’s a serious problem, especially for places with good transport links.