Social media and cyberbullying

Is it anti-social behaviour (ASB)?

It could be if it's classed as a harassment.

What you can do

  • Create screen shots of all harassment
  • Block the person or people harassing you
  • Have your friends/relatives block the people as well
  • If the person calls you, do not answer the phone
  • Do not respond to the person
  • Provide the evidence and report it to the social media platform

If you are being harassed

  • If you’re being harassed, you can report it to the police.
  • When you’ve reported it to the police, please ring us on 0300 5000 926. We may need to work with you and the police going forward and need to log your incident report number and the name of the police officer you spoke to. One of our Locality Officers will be dedicated to your case and they’ll work sensitively around what’s happened.