Money and debt

On Tax Credits or receive Housing Benefit, JSA, IS or ESA?

You’ll have received a leaflet from the government about these benefits being replaced by Universal Credit (UC).

Your Migration Notice letter will arrive in the coming months and ask you to complete an online application for UC. You’ll have a deadline of three months to make the switch.

Please note – if you apply for UC too early, you could be worse off financially and lose your transitional protection payment. You might be better off making the move to UC towards the end of the three-month time limit.

Avoid relying solely on online benefit calculators - they often can’t account for transitional protection and may even incorrectly advise that you will not be entitled. To understand how the migration to UC could affect you, please get in touch and ask to speak with one of our Customer Income Advisors. 

We can offer specialist advice to help you claim the right benefits and tax credits – and can help to explain everything from the benefit cap to bedroom tax. 

There’s information and guides on how to manage debt or get more support with your finances. And we have some practical, step by step tips for making a budget to help you keep on track. 

Our ‘managing your money’ page tells you more about basic bank accounts, credit union loans and gives links to some great websites to help you make your money go further or save on household bills. You might also like to find out more about lowering your fuel bills and boosting your credit rating. 

Better Off Calculator

Are you thinking about starting a new job and wondering how it might impact your financial situation or benefits? Or perhaps you’re considering making some changes to your household budget?

To see what affect changing your circumstances could have, fill in our Better Off Calculator.

Debt Advice service

Are you struggling with debt and unsure about where to turn for help? Or feeling overwhelmed by which Debt Solution may be right for you? Maybe you’re getting letters but don’t feel able to open them?

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Welfare benefits advice

Get specialist advice to claim benefits and tax credits – or challenge a decision. This page includes useful information and links on Universal Credit, bedroom tax and the benefit cap. 

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Lower fuel bills

Help’s available from your supplier or Sovereign if you’re struggling to pay your energy bills. See links to grants and schemes, plus what to do if your energy supplier goes out of business. 

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