Updating your bathroom

Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. We can help make sure it’s a fresh, modern and comfortable space that you can enjoy spending time in.

How often are bathrooms replaced?

Bathrooms are usually replaced every 30 years. We’ll get in touch with you when it’s due, and a surveyor will come and look at your home to assess what’s needed.

If your bathroom needs an upgrade before this, let us know and we’ll come and take a look for you.

What gets replaced?

If your bathroom needs an upgrade, we can install a new bath and shower, toilet, sink and taps, and you can choose flooring and wall colours from our modern range.

We’ll also upgrade your bathroom light and extractor fan if necessary. We’ll arrange a convenient start date, and promise to keep any disruption to a minimum.

Why upgrade my bathroom?

Everyone deserves a home they love to live in – and that includes a fresh, modern and reliable bathroom.  All bathrooms suffer wear and tear over time, and an updated bathroom will not only look more attractive and feel fresher, it will also be easier to look after.

Whether it’s a busy family space or a place for solitary relaxation, a new bathroom is a great addition to any home.

What will happen when it’s time for an upgrade?

Before an installation we’ll arrange to visit you at home. One of our experienced surveyors will assess your bathroom. If it would benefit from an update, we’ll arrange a design visit to discuss the advantages of a new bathroom.

During the design visit you’ll learn what your modern new bathroom will include and the choices you have – plus we’ll take measurements, assess how long it will take to install, and confirm what materials we’ll need. Together we’ll arrange a date for your bathroom to be fitted.

How long will it take? 

It usually takes around five days to install your new bathroom, and we’ll discuss timings with you during our design visit. Occasionally, if a lot of replastering is needed, we’ll have to allow extra time for this to fully dry out. Don’t worry, at the end of each day we’ll make sure you have a working toilet.

Completed projects

Completed bathroom project with white fittings and laminate flooring Completed bathroom project with white fittings