Your plumbing

 Watch may help you to fix an issue yourself, rather than having to wait for a plumber to come to you. 

Fixing a blocked sink 

This short video shows how to unblock a sink using a plunger.

Fixing a broken toilet flush

If your toilet isn't flushing and the handle is facing down, this is often a broken link bar on the toilet handle. Watch this useful guide on how to fix it.

Fixing a constantly filling toilet cistern

If you notice water running into your toilet or out of the overflow pipe, this could be caused by limescale on the float valve. This video explains how to resolve the problem.

Replacing a shower head and hose

Watch this video to find out how to replace a shower head and hose. However, if you have an electric shower we do not advise changing the shower head as installing the incorrect parts can cause the shower to stop working. Please give us a call if this is the case.

Some common questions

Got a non-plumbing issue in your home? 

Head over to our video guides page to find out more about your boiler, room thermostats and radiator controls, electrical consumer unit and much more.