Your responsibilities as a leaseholder

As a leaseholder you have the right to live peacefully in your home. In return, you must meet the conditions of your lease. These are outlined below:

  • Pay rent, service charges, ground rent, building insurance and all other charges - including your share of the costs of major works.
  • Pay for all utilities supplied to your home. These might include electricity, gas, phone lines and Internet access.
  • Allow us (the landlord) access to your home to carry out repairs we are responsible for, and to inspect the property.
  • Ask for permission to carry out alterations, additions and improvements to your home.
  • Not to cause any nuisance or allow any guest to cause a nuisance to others around you.
  • Not to keep any pets without our permission.
  • Not to run a business from your home without our permission.
  • Only park in your allocated bay or garage (if any).
  • Tell us if you want to sell your home.
  • Get permission from us before deciding to sublet your home. This is not essential under some lease agreements.
  • Not to put up a TV aerial or satellite dish outside your flat or on the building without our permission.
  • Make sure that a 'Gas Safe' registered engineer services the heating system every year.
  • Make sure that a qualified electrical engineer carries out any electrical work to your home.
  • Provide us with a copy of any legal notice that affects your home, such as a possession order from your mortgage lender.
  • Tell us if any repairs are needed in shared areas.
  • Not to borrow additional money against the property without our permission
  • Allow us into your home to carry out repairs that are your responsibility (if you have not done them yourself) within a reasonable time. We will charge you for the full cost of this work, including VAT and any administration.
  • Keep your home in good repair. This includes repairing, renewing or replacing all the fittings, fixtures and services to your home.

You are responsible for looking after everything that is inside your home, as outlined below.

  • Inside walls that are not part of the main structure
  • Plasterwork
  • Ceilings and floor boards or flooring, but not ceiling or floor joists
  • Decoration and general repairs inside your home
  • Doors and door frames, including your front door
  • Window glass but not window frames
  • Toilet, sink and bath fixtures and fittings
  • Tanks, pipes, plumbing, wiring and drains supplying water, gas and electricity to your home
  • Individual central heating, hot water systems and radiators
  • Individual private garden areas (if any)

We may have additional responsibilities for homes which have a New Shared Ownership Model lease which you will have been advised of when you purchased it.