Yellow Brick Road Projects

Are you aged between 18-35?

Have you applied for a home with the local authority or a housing association but been told you can’t be considered because they’re concerned you might not be able to sustain a tenancy?

Our work with Yellow Brick Road Projects could help you.

Its Pathway Project helps people develop the skills they need to get and keep a tenancy.

Everyone has their own coach, who guides them through the nine month course.

Below you’ll find an outline of what’s covered over the weeks – but everyone’s experience of the programme will be specifically tailored to them, so their journey on the programme is personalised to what they need.

What's covered

Meet Abi

A lady holding a guinea pig and smiling at the camera

Abi Facey
 is from Yellow Brick Road Projects and is the first person you’d speak to if you applied for the programme.

She explains her experience, what she does and why she thinks the Pathway Project is so beneficial to helping people get ready for a tenancy:

I am the link between Sovereign and Yellow Brick Road Projects' coaches.

I make the initial contact with anyone thinking about the programme and help them fill in their nomination form.

I really enjoy this part of my role, as I love speaking to people across the country and feel privileged when they share their stories with me. I have regular check ins with Sovereign to discuss how the project is developing and how we can all best support people.

My background is in youth work and I have worked with Yellow Brick Road Projects for five years. I have a passion for supporting young people and getting their voices heard.

Everyone’s reason for doing The Pathway Project is different. I think it’s an opportunity to make a difference to your own life and move forward on your life’s journey through developing the skills you need to get and keep a tenancy.

We teach the things you don’t always learn at school, in a flexible way to match your individual needs.

Interested in finding out more?

Please email us with your details and one of our friendly Sovereign Lettings Officers will get in touch with you.