Supporting you to find a new home

Our RightSizing offer

We understand that your housing needs and wants change over time and we’re committed to supporting you to move to a home that better meets your needs.

You may no longer need the size of your current home because your children have left home (leaving spare bedrooms), or you want a simpler life and reduce your rent and household costs. Or maybe you’re no longer able to maintain your home and garden. Whatever the reason, we want to support you to find a home that suits your needs. We call this RightSizing.

Larger homes especially four beds and above are in high demand, with lots of families on the waiting lists and living in overcrowded households. Our RightSizing offer is for customers living in these larger homes to move and free up these homes for larger families. If you want to keep a spare bedroom for family to come and stay, you can as long as you can afford it. But you must downsize by at least 2 bedrooms to be eligible.

If you’re looking to move home, then you’ll need to register with your Local Authority. You could also apply to SNG to be considered for Sovereign Home Transfer which is our internal transfer list where we are able to give some priority to our customers who are RightSizing:

We recognise that moving home can be expensive and we may be able to support you with this.

Find out more on RightSizing

Fill in our Rightsizing eligibility assessment form. Opens in new window We will then review your form and contact you to let you know whether you meet the criteria to Rightsize.