Moving home through Sovereign Home Transfer

If you have a tenancy with us, you can look at moving from your home to another Sovereign property through Sovereign Home Transfer*. This is different to mutual exchange, where you swap homes with someone else.

If you can’t see your local area listed, it will be because we aren’t able to advertise homes there at the moment. This includes Hampshire, the New Forest, Oxford City and West Oxford. 

Please note, we only advertise a small percentage of our homes on Sovereign Home Transfer and not in all areas. In most cases, those in the highest priority banding will be the successful bidder, so please do also look at the other ways you could try to move home.

Once you've registered on Sovereign Home Transfer**, you'll be given a priority banding, then you can bid on properties when they're advertised.

If you have any questions about Sovereign Home Transfer, please email

 *If you were previously registered on HomeHunt, where we used to advertise internal transfer properties, your registration date on Sovereign Home Transfer will be manually changed to your HomeHunt registration date once you’ve finished your application. We will do this for all eligible registrations done before 31 May 2022.

 ** Please note, Sovereign Home Transfer is powered by Locata Housing Services. Locata is our data processor and will follow full instructions from Sovereign, as we are the data controller. If you have any questions about your data or applications, please contact Sovereign by emailing

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Sovereign’s banding criteria

This is the banding criteria we use when assessing a resident’s need to move to a new property.