Monitoring our repairs

We regularly assess the quality of our repairs work to make sure it’s been carried out correctly and our residents are happy with the quality of work. We carry out spot checks on completed work and each month we survey a selection of residents who’ve had repairs done to their home.

Our standards let you know what you can expect from us and what we expect of you.

Our repairs standard

  • We’ll complete repairs first time wherever possible to minimise inconvenience and keep costs to a minimum.
  • We’ll provide an emergency repairs service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • When you contact us, we’ll tell you if it’s our responsibility or yours – and if you'll be re-charged.
  • We’ll agree an appointment with you and give you a job reference number.
  • We expect you to allow us into your home to carry out repairs at the agreed time.

Our gas safety standard

  • If you have an assured, secure or fixed term tenancy, we have a legal duty to check our gas appliances in your home every 12 months, and to give you a valid gas safety certificate.
  • We’ll complete the check (and any work needed) first time, wherever possible.
  • We’ll make sure all our engineers are ‘Gas Safe’ registered.
  • We’ll agree an appointment with you and give you a job reference number.
  • You must allow us into your home to carry out a gas service. (If you don’t let us in we’ll have to take legal action to gain access and charge you the cost of doing this.)

If you're not happy with the quality of a repair or the service you've received, please contact us. If things went wrong and you need to tell us, please visit our making a complaint page.

Complaints standard

  • We’ll make it easy for you to contact us.
  • We’ll let you know who's dealing with your complaint.
  • We’ll investigate your complaint quickly and thoroughly.
  • We’ll let you know the outcome of the investigation.
  • We’ll learn from the complaint so we can do better next time.

You can find more information on our what you can expect from our operatives and contractors webpage.